Mom and Dad began farming their own land in 1976, planting strawberries and later on peaches and their own apple orchard.

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Grandma and Grandpa Vincent started our journey in 1956 by buying an apple orchard and planting their very own, starting the roots of our family in produce.

Preparing for the Future

Woolf Farms

Danna and Greg have been adding to their family with six kids running around the family farm. Danna teaches school during the year and helps teach farming to the next generation. Her dream is for her family to have the freedom to grow and explore the various areas of farming.

 2nd Generation 

1st Generation

3rd Generation

Dale and Abby were married in May of 2014, and built their house on the family farm.  Their dream is to continue growing fresh produce, and to continue giving back to the communities across northeast Ohio.